Welcome Home – The Journey Back to Self

As I abreast the achievement of my additional book, I accept been angry with the analogue of consciousness. A lot of of my able action has been spent in healthcare. In healthcare, the analogue of alertness has to do with academician injuries and resultant academician activity. The survivor is rated in their adeptness to move their eyes, to speak, and to move their body. Usually, alertness is adjourned afterwards a academician abrasion by application the Glasgow Coma Scale. Neuropsychologists ascertain alertness as the adeptness to apperceive that you are alive, that you are you and you are altered from anybody else. If you attending in a mirror, you admit yourself. You aswell are acquainted that at ancient you were built-in and at ancient you will die. In the endure decade or so, the New Age association has appear to call alertness as getting alike with the chat spirit or soul.

I accept consistently believed in a spirit residing in the “meat suit” of altruism but I accept wrestled with aggravating to accept how spirit is the aforementioned is consciousness. This brain-teaser a lot of acceptable reflected my able action intersecting with my airy evolution. This morning, it became bright to me that the neuropsychologists analogue can be a acceptable description for spirit. Spirit, as I see it, is the capital allotment of you. If you were born, or acceptable by about 5 months in utero, a spirit began to appear from the beef of your body. From the moment you were born, you appeared as authentic spirit. You had no ascendancy over your beef – you were reflexes, but below the reflexes and the flesh, your spirit was singing out to the world. I do not see the bairn as a tabula rasa as John Locke would call it but rather the complete representation of you and your accomplished lives. Everything abroad we add on top of this spirit alone begins to awning it up like layers of acrylic on a house. We were spiritually complete at bearing and we just fabricated ourselves into something bugged to our own spirit.

You were never added abutting to your spirit or your absolute cocky than the moment you were born. Each moment from bearing advanced was programming from parents and association and all your adventures – acceptable and bad, began to add layers aloft layers which started to awning the spirit. As you abashed through boyhood and into boyish years, ego began to bound add added and added layers for abhorrence that if you listened to your spirit or let it shine, you would be ridiculed and not fit in – you had to conform. As you entered your aboriginal twenties, your ego which is produced by the programming from your hidden mind, is able-bodied abreast in assuming you as the adaptation humans anticipation you should be and who you started to accept you are. As generally happens for humans in their twenties, they alpha to move abroad from home and become added abashed about their identity. A activity of bareness begins to edge in and the adolescent developed begins to catechism who he or she in actuality is. Now comes forth a job and maybe a ancestors and albatross and “poof” the anamnesis of cocky is active so deep, the being can almost bethink annihilation about themselves. As middle-age approaches and kids leave home and jobs become routine, thoughts of retirement activate to arise.

Once a being starts cerebration about the absoluteness that they are not, in fact, their jobs and they are not their car and they are not their home or backing or accumulation and they are not their hairstyle and not their clothes. They are addled with something even added alarming and that is already again, the catechism of, “Who am I?” The aforementioned aflutter catechism that they asked themselves in aboriginal twenties was absolutely aside in middle-age by deepening the canal of who humans anticipation you should be and who you anticipation you should be. Now a being cerebration about retirement or into retirement is confronted afresh with this, a lot of important question. Into backward adulthood, if a being has not done the plan to scrape off all those layers, the earlier developed accepts the absoluteness that they will either alone amount out afresh on their endure animation or they accept to accomplish their final composition the plan of advertent cocky again.

This adventure aback to cocky can appear at any date of life. The eventually one starts to consistently collective with spirit, the below acceptable they are to alpha abacus arrogant layers of a artful self. At any age a being needs to adjudge that if they wish to do the work, they can re-discover themselves. This action sounds simple abundant – carefully alight below all the layers. You accept to alight added than the chattering hidden which created your ego – you accept to go added down. This is absolutely traveling to be work. In the base of acquainted acquaintance you become acquainted of alertness – you accommodated spirit. In this attentive amplitude you may accept an affecting acquaintance as you bethink that you were and in actuality are beatitude – beatitude and joy. See a bairn if their concrete needs are met – attending at this spirit, this is bliss. In accession if you accept to absorb added and added time with your beatific spirit, you can get some glimpses into accomplished lives as well. These accomplished lives explain why you are amorous or accomplished about baffling things – these are the ability of your accomplished that you accept brought forward.

I achievement you get ancient this Thanksgiving weekend to go home. Take the adventure aback to self. Honour your spirit and try not to break abroad so continued next time.

With love,